9 Best Mobile App Marketing Techniques in 2020

Mobile App Marketing Techniques in 2020 (1)

Do you have your very own mobile app? And really want to nail it by getting millions of Downloads. Yes, it is possible with Mobile App Marketing  Techniques. Few of them are paid, few are unpaid and few can be implemented within app and few need external software to integrate. Here we are going to discuss about all of them but one by one:

1. Make It Useful

Very first thing that is important to get millions of downloads, is the goal of your Mobile App. If your goal is to add value to the life of user, then it is going to get super hit. First of all understand your customer needs and interest. You should put your business in front of your customers through your app in such a way that it will stand out and have something unique in it, that customer will get attracted to.

2.  Make Your Mobile App, App Store Friendly

There are few things that can make your mobile app, app store search engine friendly.  Few of them are, including keyword(specific search term)  in your title and description. Making the icon simple, attractive, easy to recognize and easy to remember.  Getting more reviews and ratings from customers.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are alerts or banners that you can push to your mobile app users lock-screen or home screen. These push notifications can help you to make them to take any specific action. You can increase user engagement up to 80-90 % with this mobile app marketing techniques. There are many push notification tools in the market and you can make a use of those.

Mobile App Marketing

You can notify your mobile app user with special offers and can send them personalize messages. Can send them updates about shipping and availability of any product which was out of stock before.

4. In- App Messages

In app messages appear when your mobile app user is currently active on your mobile app. You can also take a leverage of this technique for marketing purpose. With this technique you can give your app user, a personalized recommendation, show off new products  and also can ask them to give you reviews or ratings. With this you can develop a personal touch with your customer. It may help you to generate more and more customers by gaining their trust in you.

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5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Mobile App

Promoting your app through social media is the crucial. People are more active on social media platforms than anywhere else. You can build your very own brand on social media. You can interact with your end user directly over there and can even reach millions of your potential customers.

6. Link Building

You can also opt for Off-Page SEO techniques to promote your app organically by building back links on high profile websites. Social Bookmaking, classified posting, directory submissions, image submissions, video submissions, RSS feed are few them.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is an effective technique to promote your website and mobile app too! You can do guest blogging on the  websites, where you may find your potential customer. Write the blogs in your business niche, make sure that it is just informative and should not be written with the purpose of marketing.  However, at  the end you may tell the reader to Download the App or provide any call to action to promote your app. So, what are you waiting for? Just write a piece of nice article and publish it to the high authority blogging websites.

8. PPC Advertising

All the methods mentioned above do not need to invest your money, it just need your time and skill in that. But there are other techniques in the online marketing in which you will need to invest some amount of money. These techniques are called PPC (pay per click). With these techniques, you can get results at faster pace. You can measure the results with analytics and can invest in it accordingly. Believe me those are not that costly compared to the results that you get from it. Few of the paid advertisement techniques are Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn, YouTube ads etc.

9. Approach Mobile App Marketing Agency

It is not required that you must have all these skills, you also can get it done by hiring any mobile app marketing agency for your app. They will guarantee you for specific number of downloads in specific time period. Afterall professionals are keen in the doing tasks. If you want millions of download then hiring a marketing agency is not a bad idea. Imagine the amount of revenue you can generate after getting millions of downloads!

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