Effective Techniques Of Mobile App Monetization in 2020

Mobile App Monetization and Mobile app Development

If you have a mobile app and thinking about to generate revenue from it then keep on reading this article. This article  is all about mobile app monetization. Here you will know, what is mobile app monetization, why you should opt for it and how to do it?

What is Mobile App Monetization?

Mobile app monetization is a process of making money from mobile application. There are various techniques with which it is possible to make money from your mobile app.

Why You should Consider Mobile App Monetization

As you can see number of mobile device users are increasing with passing years. These increase in number of mobile device users directly increases the number of mobile app users. Mobile app is much more advantageous than mobile web. That is why people are more keen towards downloading any mobile app than to go with normal mobile web. Online marketing is one of the strongest tool to generate revenue. People are earning millions from their apps, then why you shouldn’t.

People are moving towards online shopping  for entertainment, reading books , buy grocery, get daily needs, buy clothes, buy vegetables and this list goes on and on…. Now the question is, from where do they land on such websites or mobile apps and buy stuffs like these. The answer is sometimes it is search engines,  sometimes it is google play store, Apple app store or social media but there is more place from where there is possibility that they could land on these websites or apps. And that is none other than Mobile In App Ads. Mobile in app ads is one of the major area that you should consider while mobile app monetization.

But Mobile In – App ads is not the only one with which you can earn money through monetization. So, the question is what are all those monetization techniques. And how to apply it to your mobile app. Here we go,

Following  are the proven ways for your Mobile app Monetization:

Mobile In- App Advertisement

There are various types of ads that can be displayed in your mobile apps through mobile in-app advertisement.

Few of them are as per below:

  • Full Screen Ads
  • Notification Ads
  • Advanced Overlay
  • Capture Form
  • Banner Ads
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But one thing you have to be very careful for, while using this feature is to make sure that it will not deteriorate user experience. Because after all the revenue you generate through these in-app ads will depend upon the number of users visited your app. If you do not give a good user experience, then people may opt out of your app. And your ultimate goal of getting revenue out of it will not get achieved. Following things you may keep in mind while going for in-app mobile ads

  1. How these ads will add meaningful experience to your end users.
  2. How these ads will be relevant to my brand
  3. How these ads will not deteriorate my end user’s user experience. For, example these ads should not pop up all the time.

Considering all the above points, make sure you earn money out of it and do not hamper user experience at the same time. So, it will be a balance of both.

Subscription and Freemium Model

You could see people are more likely to download apps for free. If you are serving very different and unique product or service through your app then you may go with Freemium Model of Mobile App.

Freemium Model means your app will be available to download for free but some of the features will be locked or all the features will be available for specific period of time.  If user is happy with your app then he/she will be ready to pay for premium features or will like to subscribe to your app with some amount of money. These kind of models are more popular these days.

Data Monetization

Whenever any user interact with your mobile app, they generate authentic data. Which can be analysed and then optimized  to generate revenue out of it.  And you know how much important database is?  If you are a business owner you must be knowing it!

If you use this data for good reason then it will assure you the guaranteed results.  From this database you will be able to find out valuable insights. You may come to know, what all the strategies are working. What kind of people are interested in your kind of business and much more.

You may target this audience by further activities like email marketing and SMS marketing.  And the out come of all these will be better user experience and revenue. If you understand your customers with the mobile app data insight  then no-one can stop you to get most of the revenue from your business. You can also sale your data to the analytics companies and earn hefty amount of money.

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