Proven Ways To Improve Your Mobile App User Engagement

Mobile App User Engagement

Do you know, 25% of the app gets uninstalled just after one use. Keeping your app user in tight with your app is quite difficult. There are lot of alternate choices available in the Mobile App Store. There is a tough competition out there in the market. So, it is very very important to keep your app user engaged and entertained. If you will not do so, there are more chances that they will uninstall your app and find the alternative way. By keeping them engaged you are making them to use your app more frequently which helps generate a trust of your brand in customers. There are many ways with which you can improve your mobile app user engagement.

Proven and efficient ways of Improved Mobile App User Engagement

Make Easy On-boarding

On-boarding is the first interaction your app user have with your mobile app. If you make it easier and simpler they will definitely going to like it. More complicated  the login procedure is, more you lose your number of app user. Keep it simple by allowing them with to login with their google account or Facebook account.  Educate them throughout there on boarding procedure. Explain your app feature shortly.

Relevant Push Notifications

Push notifications work wonder if they are used wisely. While opting for Push notifications you have to keep one thing in your mind that you are opting it to improve user experience. If it will irritate them then, they will surely either opt out of it or will abandon your app straightaway. Keep the notifications limited and specifically designed according to the app user preferences. Keep it perfectly relevant to the app user’s choices and interests.  By implementing thoughtful, strategic push notification techniques you will surely be able to nail it.

In-App Messages

In- app messages can help improve user experience by providing them a proper guide, while they are using your app. These In-app messages could be about helping them buy things, like you can display their previously ordered products, if they are trying to search for them. Displaying some relevant products similar to the one which are out of stock for now. Highlighting offers on the products which they were looking for before. Such type of In-app messages is loved by all as they improve user experience and save time.

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Offer Rewards

Rewards are loved by all and everyone likes if they are given some importance. If  they are the regular buyers at your mobile app store and receive some rewards for their consistent purchase, then it will be useful to retain them forever.   They may share their experience with their friends and relatives and may help you to get more app users.  By getting rewards your mobile app user will get a feeling of being valued. Eventually, they may put a positive reviews as a token of appreciation.

Ensure High Quality

The user experience is also dependent on the quality of app your are serving and quality of products or services you are providing through your app. Better the quality,  better will be user experience and better will be Mobile App user engagement.  Keep mobile app speed to optimum and keep it 100 % secure.

Analyze the Data

If you are choosing any kind of strategy for your mobile app then it is important to analyze it. If you want to focus on your mobile app user experience then it is important to analyze all your app user’s statistics and behavior. What are their demographics? What are all their interests?  Which kind of products that are loved by all?  What kind offers liked by what kind of consumers? Such kind of data analytics will help you to do strategic planning to improve your mobile app user engagement.

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