What is Mobile App Analytics and Why is it Important?

Mobile App Analytics

To get maximum revenue from your mobile app or to make it more useful, it is very important to know about your consumer. Mobile app analytics is a powerful tool to understand your customers and  their behaviors. It help you analyze your business and let you optimize it accordingly. Mobile app analytics data helps you reveal many things about your customers. Some of them are, their interest, their demographics, their preferences, their behavioral flow. etc.

By making  a use of mobile app analytics you can find out answer for following questions
  1. Which of my app’s features are most attractive
  2. Which app feature keeps my consumer engaged and what things could help me to retain them
  3. What feature in my mobile app make them take buying decision
  4. Am I missing any of my competitors features
  5. What percentage of my app user are opting for paid subscription
  6. In which geographic location my app user are residing
  7. What is the app user age group and in which age group my app is popular

And the list goes on and on. Right mobile app analytics tool is capable of finding out answer for all of these and even is capable of more. Therefore in depth analysis of all your queries is possible with mobile app analytics.

Basically, you will be able to find out all the pros and cons of your mobile apps and the products and services that you are providing through your app.  By knowing all about your app insight you can take proper action and use that analytics to make your business  to grow more.

Why Mobile App Analytics is Important

Mobile app analytics is useful in many aspect. The data generated from mobile app analytics can be used for research and to make important decisions about sales and marketing. And you know it well, that sales and marketing are back bone of any industry. We could say, eventually, these mobile app insight help these core teams to idealize and strategies things. Without analytics it a blind game. And no one knows if we are going on right path or not. Therefore, app analytics data  acts as a catalyst and helps business owner to convert  their vision in to success.

Web Analytics Vs. Mobile App Analytics

Web Analytics

There are many tools for web analytics and one of the most used web analytics tool is google analytics. Web analytics is easier as each of your website pages have distinct URLs. Hence, it is easy to analyse separately with ease.  Web analytics is majorly calculated in terms of page views. How much ever times your website pages will be viewed will be calculated as number of page views.  While scrolling through your websites all of the websites users activity are captured and then are made available for analysis. Generally tracking codes are put on the websites for web analytics. However, with the help of cookies, unique users data is captured separately.

Mobile App Analytics

However all the  mobile app activities are completely different and there is no separate URLs to distinguish. There is no term like page view but there is a term ‘screen view’. Common activities like searching, swiping , adding to cart etc. are considered as events. These events then, with in depth analysis can be measured distinctly.

Mobile app analytics uses SDKs to collect data from mobile apps. And with the help of IDFAs or AIDs identifies the unique users.

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