What is Google Play Store – Everything You need to Know About

What is Google Play Store all you should know

Have you ever imagined what is google play store? If you will go to your mobile screen and simply go to play store then you will say it is an app. However, it is a platform. Yes, we are going to discuss all about google play store in this article. Here you will come to know each and everything about google play store. So, keep on reading this article it going to get interesting.

What is Google Play Store?

As I mentioned previously it is an platform and not just an app. It is google’s own platform to offer various digital services to consumers. Well, play store can offer various other services than just android apps. Play store is a bundle of joy, as it provides you books to read, movies to watch, games to play, music to listen and much more.

You can go to google play store ‘open music app’ and can find a number of music play list from all around the globe. Few of them are paid and few are free of cost. You can rent or buy movies from google play store from ‘open movies app’.  In which you can find movies of any genres and of any languages.  You can purchase  your favorite eBooks and Audio books from google play store ‘open book apps’. However you can also download few for free.

Is Play Store Preinstalled on all the Android Mobile Devices?

Well, the answer is no. The play store is preinstalled  on most of the android mobile devices but it is completely dependent upon that brand’s mobile device manufacturer. Actually  play store comes with a ‘Google Mobile Services ‘ pack. It is not at all mandatory that the manufacturer should keep Google Mobile Services pack preinstalled on their mobile devices.  This Google Mobile Services pack include a number of preinstalled apps by google. And the consumers are used to these services. So, most of the android smartphone manufacturer will keep it preinstalled. But there are few companies like Huawei which do not keep play store or any of the google apps preinstalled.

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Can I download Android Apps Only From Play Store?

Google always recommend to download all the android mobile applications from google play store, especially when you have google play store already preinstalled in your smartphone. As google makes sure that they serve you quality apps through their play store and no malware makes its way to it. Subsequently, it will secure your devices against any kind of malware.  However there are other, places too to download Android mobile apps.

What are the Alternative for Google Play Store?

There are few alternatives for Play store like, Huawei’s App Gallery  for Huawei smartphones, Samsung app store for android applications, Amazon App Store etc. Many other smartphone manufacturer also offer their own version of app store to download android apps. People opt for these optional app stores, for apps which are banned by play store for security reason. However, google also bans those apps which do not satisfy their rules and regulation policy. For example F-Droid is one of the platform which can provide you tons of the good android apps and they are secure too.

Can Android Apps be installed without Play Stores?

Answer is yes, and it is called sideloading. If you come to know that, the latest version of mobile app has been launched but not yet available in any of the app store then you can sideload it. You can simply download the .APK file of mobile app that you want  and then can install manually on your mobile device.

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