iOS vs. Android Mobile App Development Platform. Which is better?

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Which platform should I go with iOS or Android ? Is this the same question hampering you. Well, then keep on reading this article. Here we are going to discuss about iOS and Android Mobile App Development platforms. Which is better, Why and How?

One more question may arise, why shouldn’t I go for both?

Yes, you may go for both, anyways everyone wants to reach most of their potential customers through mobile app. Then why to chose just one of them? Is it?

But it is risky and expensive if you go  for both the platforms at the same time.

So, it is always better to chose one of them, make it successful, gain some revenue out of it and then invest in another platform.

Which platform you should go with, depends on many factors that you need to study deeply.

Few of them are as below:

1. Who is Your Audience

Understanding Audience is the main thing while choosing iOS or Android Mobile App Development Platform for your business.

What kind of geographical area your audience are living in? What kind of people you want to target as your audience for your kind of business? Answer to these two questions will mainly decide that which platform you should prefer.

For Example, If your target audience is in India, then you may go for Android. As per recent survey India has 90.58% of Android Mobile Phone Users and Just 2.79% of iOS Mobile Phone Users. So, it is clear that If your target audience is India, you must go with Android Mobile App Development first. Once you achieve your goal, should move on to develop Android Mobile App.

2. What Kind of Feature You Are Looking For

Android Mobile App Development provide you more flexibility with the features. If you are looking for very much customized app to satisfy your business needs and improve app usability. Then Android app development can provide you them all.  But if you are looking for very safe and secure app then iOS is the best option for you.

3. What is Your Budget For Mobile App Development

If you are budget constraint and okay with developing app on any of the platform then iOS will be a better choice for you. iOS app development needs less amount of hours to develop, so the cost of making is also lower than android app development.

Another reason behind iOS app development being less expensive is because of its standardized programming language called swift. Contrary to this , in android app development you will need more coding skills (mainly Java) to develop app which makes it more costly.

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4. App Maintenance

Mobile App Development is not just about developing app and that’s it!

To get most traffic to your app you will continuously keep on doing updates about your products and services. You will need to keep it safe and secure all the time.

For that reasons you will need to do app maintenance and you can not avoid it. App maintenance cost may vary from 15%-20% of the total app development cost, depending upon the feature that you are opting for. More the features means more the maintenance cost.

In short if you are choosing android app with more features in it, definitely you will need to pay more for your maintenance.

5. What is Your Goal

Generating more revenue to your business or app monetization, what is your goal?

It is strange but google play generates just half the revenue of Apple App Store. Despite being more App Downloads in Google play store than Apple App Store. The reason being Apple phone users are more educated and techno savvy and have more potential to buy things online.

So, if you are thinking about monetization then iOS App Development platform may help you achieve your goal.

However we could say that in coming years Android Play Store will also generate better revenue as People are more tend to buy stuffs online in coming future.


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