How To Do SEO and ASO For Mobile App to Increase Visibility

SEO and ASO For Mobile App

If you have developed a mobile app or looking out for mobile app development but do not know that how to get downloads for your app. Then this article is for you.

By improving the rank of the Mobile App on any of the search engines can improve your mobile app downloads. Because it  gives more visibility and reach to your Mobile App. Which consequently help you to reach your business goals.

The rank can be improved with SEO and ASO. So here we will discuss about how to do SEO  and ASO  for the Mobile App.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing your app to get ranked well in search engine of App stores. However, SEO (search engine optimization) Improves the visibility of your App on web search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu.


ASO For Mobile App (App Store Optimization)

Mobile app can be optimized for app store by doing following things

1. Optimizing Keywords

You can optimize your app for any specific set of keywords by putting those keywords in your app title and description. You can search for specific keywords and their search volumes with the help of Uber Suggest or Google Keyword Planner. From that, chose a set of keywords with more number of search volume. By doing so, you may get traffic to your mobile app for that specific keyword.

2. Optimizing Title

Your mobile app title can be optimized for specific search term by including those words in your app. You should include the words and phrases in the title that reveals your mobile app functionality.

For example if your app is about vegetables selling, then ‘Get fresh vegetables online‘ such phrase you can put in your title. In this way whoever search for ‘fresh vegetables’ may find your app in their search results.

3. Writing Appealing  Description

One of the best way to grab your customer attention is to write appealing description for your mobile app.  It should provoke your client to take action and  download or do purchase on your app. Make sure it gives  a short brief about your business. It should not be written in search engine friendly way but it should be written in such a way that it will make sense and your customer will get brief idea about your app before they download it.

4. Optimizing the Icon

Icon plays a vital role in presenting your company, more appealing and beautiful the Icon is, more it will get customers attention. Visual Marketing is more valuable these days. An app logo should be simple easy to identify and remember. Do not put too much of elements and make it difficult to understand and identify at the same time.

5. Positive Ratings and Reviews

More and more reviews and ratings you get , more and more you be ranked better in mobile app store search engines.

How many of you did purchase just because you read something nice about the products or services, all of you, right?  Whenever someone goes for any kind of purchase online then they always go through reviews.

So, it becomes priority to gain customers attractions by gaining good amount of positive reviews. You can get good reviews by adding value to the customers life, with your product or services. You can guide your customers to put reviews and ratings on their purchase.  Give them a place for direct interaction with business, this will improve customers faith in you and they may leave behind their review as token of appreciation.

6. Number Of Downloads

This is one of the important factor to get ranked well in Mobile App Store. More number of downloads will be considered as valuable and utmost important thing for anyone to download the app.  To increase number of downloads you can opt for other online marketing platforms. Like Social Media and PPC.

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SEO For Mobile Application

People generally do not go and search everything on mobile app store. They also go in traditional way and search things on web search engines. So to get more of traffic from everywhere around to your app, you can go for SEO for your mobile app.

According to recent studies it has been found that 27% of people discovers the app outside the mobile app store, while browsing through the web search engines from their mobiles. This means nearly about 1/4 th of people find the app from web search engines, isn’t it interesting?

If you want target that 27% of the people then SEO is the best option you could go with.

You can see Mobile App Download Results in two ways in search engine.

1. App Packs

App pack is a group of pack that appear in the search engine, when someone fires a query related to those app.

Generally it appears in the pack of 3 or 6 and have option to see more apps for the same app group.


Mobile App SEO


2. Single Snippet

App also can appear as a single app with its name, title, app icon, small description and Install button.


Mobile App SEO Single Snippet


How to do SEO For Mobile App?

There are various techniques by which you can do SEO for your Mobile App.

1. Link Building

You can build back link for your mobile app through many back linking websites. These kind of websites are categorized into few segments. Those are, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blog posting, directory submission, image and info graphic submission, guest blogging, video and PPT submissions and classified posting.

But make sure on whichever website you are building a link is safe and not Spam.   Always go with the websites with Higher DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority).

2. Social Media

You can also get good amount of traffic through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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