Why Your E-Commerce Business needs Mobile Application? Benefits of Mobile App

Mobile Application For E-commerce

Do your business falls under eCommerce Segment? If yes, then have you developed Mobile Application for your business? Not yet,  then this article if for you. If you haven’t yet developed your mobile app for your eCommerce business then you are lacking lot of opportunities.

We could see there is a rapid increase in Number of eCommerce businesses online and so do the user. This pandemic caused drastic change in consumers behaviors. People are more willing to buy things online than before.

But at the same time we could see there is tough competition in  E-commerce.  People are looking for the best services from eCommerce these days. If you want to serve them with your best you must stand out from all of them.

If you observe your consumers we could say they are looking for more freedom to buy things online, they want it accessible from anywhere, whether they are travelling, they are roaming around or busy with their regular schedule, they want to shop with there mobile which is easy to access anywhere.

In this scenario, they need better speed, convenience and adaptability which they could all get on their mobile app. That is why most eCommerce businesses going with a mobile app integration for their business. So, what makes Mobile app so popular. Let us see what are all the reasons behind it.

1. Mobile App Gives Personalized Touch

There isn’t anything else better than gaining customers trust in your products and services. One customer can bring many and also might be retained forever for all his future buys.  To gain customers trust, beside giving best of your products and services,  you can also provide them with personalized experience.  This is only possible with Mobile App.

Mobile Application User

Mobile apps let customer set their own preferences and choice. With mobile app you can also send them personalized notification for many things like when they may expect a delivery, what all things got available if they were out of stock before. Any new products launch , any kind of special offers or discounts they can avail and many such things.

You may offer them coupon codes based on their activity, you can send them special rewards and many more. All these things are only and only possible with mobile app. All these features you could hardly manage with your web eCommerce store, isn’t it.

2. Brand Awareness

As per survey Indians spend on an average of 4.3 hours a day on mobile. We could say that all the users get a gimps of mobile apps whichever they installed on their smartphones. Even if they do not use it everyday they view them almost everyday and the small icon of your app becomes a mini banner of your advertisement. Shortly your app helps you in brand awareness.

3. Mobile App Works Faster Than Websites

As mobile app are specifically designed for Mobiles itself, it helps user to get a delightful experience in terms of speed and recovery. In general, mobile app uses mobile devices to store its data and website uses web server, so it becomes easy for a mobile app to retrieve data and work at faster pace on mobile. Mobile applications are 1.5 times faster that the mobile websites.  As we have discussed earlier, mobile app; stores consumers preferences and help them take proactive action at faster pace than website.

4. Mobile App Gives Better Reach

If you have your presence only on website, then you might be losing your opportunities at Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you have a mobile app, that means you are adding one more platform where sales is possible. By getting mobile application for your business you are extending your limitations and reaching more people.

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