Multi Vendor Marketplace App – Must Have Features

Multi Vendor Marketplace App

A multi vendor marketplace app is a platform where all the vendors and buyers meet to sell and buy the products online. The growth in eCommerce sector has given  rise to these virtual marketplaces, where in people can check various vendors profile. They can compare prices and if they get anything relevant and in their budget they go for online purchase of that product. The pandemic situation worldwide has changed the customer’s behavior, people are more tend to buy online than to go physically and buy the products. Specially people who are living in metropolitan and techno savvy tend have this online buying tendency.

Mobile apps are in trend so,  this Multi Vendor Marketplace App industry is blooming like never before. Amazon and Flip-cart are the multi vendor marketplace app giants. Amazon is on its way to become first trillion dollar company.

Why Multi Vendor Marketplace App ?

An online multi-vendor marketplace app could be a web app or mobile app where the platform owner do not have their own inventory but they allot places to all the vendors to display their own inventory. These apps acts as a bridge to connect buyers and sellers. Marketplace app makes buying selling easier as buyer can make a price comparison, find the number of alternatives and can buy the products whereas seller finds the platform to display and sell their products without investing much in the apps and other stuff, they just need to pay marginal amount to the platform owner for each product they sell through these marketplace apps.

How is it Useful for Your Business?

If you are a grocery shop owner, you can create one more source of income by going online with the help of  Multi-vendor Marketplace App. It is always better to get connected with such apps than to provide individual app for your products and services.

The person who has enough of budget to develop highly responsive, attractive and interactive multi-vendor mobile apps, can take a complete responsibility to provide seamless experience to the end user. You do not need to worry about apps functionality, its features, payment gateways and main importantly it’s maintenance. Such apps can give your products better visibility and reach than the individual app that you could have developed for your products. Giants like Amazon ad flipcart no need any kind of introduction, so you do not need to spend hefty amount money on your marketing campaigns. Plus you may opt in for their delivery services and save your money on delivery.

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Must Have Features For Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Beside all other regular eCommerce features a multi vendor marketplace app may need additional must have features. Few of them are per following:

1. Vendor Page

Vendor page is an essential feature for any multi vendor mobile app. With the help of this page, vendor is able to manage their inventory, product descriptions and digital displays. Vendors also can manage their promo codes and product discounts on this page. This vendor page should be nice and easily manageable. It will be much better if proper dashboard is provided with everything nicely explained, so that the vendor is able to understand each and everything about his business, there and there itself.

2. Buyer Page

Every buyer is distinct so do their choices. If you want higher user engagement and seamless user experience then it is always better to personalize every buyer pages according to their preferences. The buyer page should be highly responsive and help buyer to toggle between various products, compare prices and choose various alternatives. Make sure these pages are highly attractive as the amount of time spent by any user on these pages directly defines success of your business.

3. Push Up Notifications

Push up notifications acts as a reminder to make customer engage into shopping activities. But the most important thing about these push up notifications is that they should be designed in the way that they will create interest in the customer mind and will not irritate them. For that reason personalizing these notifications by considering customers choices is utmost important.

4. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings acts as a catalyst to make buying decisions for the customers. A dedicated page to display reviews and ratings will definitely enhance customer experience. This feature helps buyers and sellers to interact with each other and also to gain trust in each other.

5. Security

While going for online shopping people prefer to buy products from trusted and secured websites and mobile apps. Security is utmost important if they want to transacts with your app for online payments. The one of the important reason that these multi vendor mobile apps are gaining success is because of the security they provide to the customers for their crucial data. No one want to make a use of non secure sites and go for online payments, so make sure your Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps are highly secure and satisfy all the government rules and regulation against cyber theft.

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