Grocery App Development

Grocery Delivery App Development

All You Need to Know About Grocery Delivery App Development

Are you a grocery shop owner and want to take your shop online? Then this article about grocery delivery app development is going to help you to prioritize things. The recent COVID-19 situation changed the customer behavior. People who had never indulged in Online shopping activities now seem to be shopping online.

Why Do You Need a Grocery Delivery App?

For other eCommerce sectors, it could be a little bit promising but for grocery, it is easier to gain people’s interest in online shopping as people do not want to check the quality of the products by physically handling them. Most of the grocery products are branded and few need quality checks.  If you have already a physical presence and have customers offline, there is a possibility that those customers themselves will buy products online from your online grocery delivery app and may even recommend their friends and relatives to order things online from your mobile app.

With the help of other marketing techniques, you can acquire new customers by giving them quality services. Who does not want everything home delivered, if the quality of the products as well as delivery service is good!  After all, no one wants to handle those heavy bags and indulge in the noisy rush of the supermarkets. The only things that customers for grocery shopping, care about are the quality and the price. If you maintain lower prices and high-quality products in your inventory, you can easily gain customers attraction. If you maintain some loyalty program, you could retain your valued customers again and again with the help of your grocery delivery app.

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Common Feature of Grocery Delivery App –

Developing an app is a kind of project and the very first step to building an app is to identify what all things are required beforehand to build a successful app.

Let us check with the common features that every grocery delivery app must have:

1. User Registration –

It is important to build an app wherein the login procedure is easy and people can easily access your app without following a lot of steps and procedures to log in. As you can see login is the first interaction that your is going to have with your end user. If you lose your customers there and there, it will be a big loss to you.

You can make the login procedure simpler by allowing your app user to log in with Google or Facebook. There should not be a procedure like putting OTP and all. If you are opting for such a login procedure, then please make sure that your end users get OTP instantly and never keep on hanging to get just a simple OTP.

Make sure that your app is not putting so much of pop-up windows and because of bad experience, your users opt out of your app.  You can make registration simple by putting some navigation messages, which can help your app user navigate through the app properly and help understand the important features of your app.

2. Searching Goods Feature –

As you can see filtering options help everyone to have a seamless experience,  it allows you to see only those products that you need. Searching for goods with the help of proper filtration techniques is going to enhance user experience. You also can create search suggestions for particular users based on his/her recent activities. This will surely save them time. For example, you can show them products which they have been ordering frequently or you can show them the value packs of the products which are available to make them help save money.

3. Payment Options –

More and more payment options you have on the list for your grocery delivery app, more and more it is going to help you gain more customers. Now the question is why?

How many of you are using Paytm as your payment wallet? Not all right, the same is true with all other payment options. If any customer has a variety of choices available then he/she might like it, as they can opt for any of the payment service which suits them.

4. Delivery Solutions –

– Delivery time planning

Do you know few apps gain success just because of their timely Delivery? People love to get deliveries at their preferred time. If you plan and execute proper delivery slots, it will be helpful for your customers, and in the end, it will benefit you too!

– Tracking Orders

You can opt-in for the services which can help your customer to track their orders. It is the most required feature, as nobody wants to miss the delivery.

– Cancelling Options

This feature helps customers if they are not happy with the products then they can return them in the specific period. People keep on ordering things if they are pretty sure that they can cancel them if required. If there is no provision to cancel the ordered products then it may affect the customer’s overall shopping experience.

Feedback and Comments

Customer feedback is valuable for the other upcoming new customers as well as to you! Ratings and comments act as a catalyst to make buying decisions. How many of you have checked the customer’s reviews and ratings and then bought a product based on those reviews and comments?

If you want to thrive in the market then make sure you have a provision to put feedback and comments in your grocery delivery app. If you are not having that feature in your app think twice, you are going to lose a lot!

–  Help Desk

Everyone wants their complaints to be assisted by someone 24*7 if they get into any kind of trouble while accessing your services. All the well-known grocery shopping apps have online help available to them to get their clients a seamless experience.  There are many things you can opt for to develop customer relationships by answering all their questions, like online texting, telephone calls, emailing, applying chatbots, etc.

All the features that we have mentioned in the above paragraphs are must-have features. But if you want to develop a more appealing app then you can provide the following additional features to enhance user experience and engagement.

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Additional Appealing Features For Grocery Delivery App –

1. Voice Recognition –

Voice search is in demand as people just need to speak out instead of typing, to search for the things that they. If you provide this feature in your app it will help to improve customer experience. This feature also saves time!

2. Loyalty Program –

Who doesn’t like to get pampered? People love to be given importance for being loyal. If your customer is buying more of the stuff from your app, then it is your turn to return them with some sort of loyalty program. Developing loyalty programs for your users helps you to gain trust and retain those customers again and again.

You can give rewards to your customers in the form of cashback, some coupons, free subscriptions, offering something for free or simply giving them the privilege to opt in for free delivery.

3. Ability to Track Spending Habits –

Tracking how much they spend will help them save money for their family needs. You can opt-in for some infographics and a statistical overview of the amount of money they spent till now. You can also provide them a suggestions on how they could have saved their money. Like, you can show them value packs or bank offers or cashback with which they would have saved money.

4. Additional Information –

You can provide some additional information about the products on your app so that your customers can make buying decisions based on that information. For example, if someone is buying tomatoes you can show,  how that fruit is full of vitamins and how many calories one single tomato consists of. Like this, you can share some important information about the products.

Besides all these features it is very very important for any online grocery delivery app owner to understand their customer need and provide all those things that customers need in the app.

If you want to stand out from other grocery apps then make sure your UI designs are interactive and attractive.

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