What is Software Testing & What are all it’s Methodologies

Software testing

Software testing is a method to check the software capabilities. Whether the software developed by the developer satisfy all the client requirements is basically tested with the software testing process. Software tester with the help of software testing makes sure that the software product is defect free before handling it to the client.

Software testing involves testing various software components individually either with manual test or automated test.  The very purpose of software testing is to find out errors and the gap between actual and required product.

Why you need Software Testing?

Software testing is important because in case if there are any defects or errors in the software those can be detected early. Appropriately tested software is always reliable, secure and high on performance. Subsequently it saves the cost and time of the project. And because of seamless experience it gives utmost customer satisfaction to the end user.

What are all Software Testing Methodologies

Some of the most popular software testing Methodologies are as per below:

Agile Methodology

This methodology covers all the sphere of software testing together with software development and marketing.  Agile approach consists of sequence of short iterations called sprints.

Each sprints contains various stages like planning, analysis  and testing.

Software testing

This Agile methodology is risk free as with each new iteration a testing team can take into account the experience of the previous one. For instance, if you observe that some part of product is more prone to bugs than predicted then during next iteration more attention is given to that part and stringent tests are carried out in that area.

The most popular working model, Scrum is a part of Agile Methodology. Scrum is also based on Sprints, each sprint in the scrum is followed by review meeting, where in each member of the team discuss the progress and plan for future testing procedures for sprints.

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Waterfall Methodology

software test

This model is relatively simple but make the process slow, because each step cannot be taken unless and until the previous one is completed. In this model whole product is developed first and then it is assigned to the testing team. The team is not able to make fast changes as the process is very much regimented.

V-Model (Verification and Validation Methodology)

The important feature of this Methodology is that, the development process and testing process happens in parallel to each other. Because of which there is an immediate interactions between the two teams. Development team hand over the part of product to the testing team as soon as they finish coding with it, this approach save the time and the ultimate quality of product is very high .Software Testing Methodologies

Incremental Methodology

Incremental methodology consists of three stages

1 Design and Development

2. Testing

3. Final Implementation

Software testing procedure

This methodology is flexible as it allows testing team to do quick edits wherever required.

Spiral Methodology

Spiral Methodology consist of cycles that follow one after another. There are cycles involved like planning, risk analysis, engineering and final evaluation. Other cycle begins at the end of previous cycle. After each cycle the developer team gets immediate feedback from testing team, thus the quality of final product remains high.

With this methodology the testing team can quickly find the errors and the causes behind them.

software testing company

We will be discussing about software testing types in the next article.

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