5 Different Types of Software Development

Types of Software Development

Types of Software Development

You might have heard the word Software Development a million times, isn’t it?  So, we will discuss all things that come under Software Development in this article.

There are different kinds of software development needs for various kinds of Industries. We are listing down a few of them :

1. Web Development –

Yes, web development is indeed a part of software development. If a web developer is developing a web page means he is handling all the codes that run behind all those web pages that you browse through on your mobile or desktop. It starts with a simple code like <h1> Hello World <h1>to the very very complicated coding that they only can understand. If we try to have a look at that code.. we will only get stuck at its complex structure. Yes, coding is not easy as it is shown in the TV endorsement.

For that reason, web developers fall under the highest-earning employee segment. The more advanced skill sets one has more will be the demand for them and more will be hike in the salary of that web developer.

2. Mobile App Development –

Mobile App Development also falls under Software Development. These Applications are the software that only runs on mobile devices. Mobile app development was the most emerging field of technology in the previous decade. Before that, it was never heard of because there was no invention of smartphones. If you look at any family, you can observe every person in the family owns a smartphone except kids below 16 years old in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. The reason is that they are now available at a cheaper rate and are easy to access anywhere with just an active mobile network.

These things have come up with new business trends and sudden changes in customer behavior towards the term online shopping. Social media apps are no doubt, one of the most used apps ever in the mobile app industry, out of Facebook and WhatsApp are the giants. Besides these app categories, there are various other categories of apps for various other kinds of apps like taxi booking, food delivery, gaming apps, etc.

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3. Data Science –

Data plays an important role in any businessman’s life. And if this data is stored and used wisely can turn into precious jewels.  Data can help any Enterprise to earn lots of revenue from his or her business.

To execute this process of converting user data to revenue, a data scientist needs insight into the database and needs to manipulate it with the help of analytics. Such types of things need to do some complex calculations and filtration which all could made easier by developing software for it. With Data Science Software (Tools) one can filter out anything from the huge database within a few seconds. This precious data further can be used for promotional activities.

4. Programming Software Development –

Programming Software Development is also another type of Software Development. This software helps any programmer to manage some of their tasks. A few of the tasks that are managed by programming software are debuggers, linkers, compilers & text editors. This software makes programmer tasks easier and faster.

5. Embedded Software –

These types of Software are specifically designed for various types of devices and machines, such as industrial robots, cars, piping systems, and telecommunication networks. In any industry, it is required to automate things and with embedded software it is possible.

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