What is Website Development and Why You Need It?

What is Website Development and Why You Need It_ (1)

Did you know, nearly about  5,47,200  websites are developed every single day around the globe. So, what make these websites so popular, why people are developing them from all nukes and corners of the world, this and everything around it, we are going to discuss it in this article.

First of all let us discuss about what is website development. What is the procedure and what all things are included in website development.

Website development is a term referred to any kind of activity required to build a website. It refers to building, designing and maintaining websites. There are various other things that comes under website development umbrella. Those are web design, web publishing, web programming and database management. Your website could be a single page or could be a complex software or application.

Even though most of us use the term web development and web designing anonymously. But those are different things.  These are completely different procedures. Web designing means handling only website interfaces by using either html or CSS. Where as development involves all the complex coding like PHP or ASP.  Website development also include other tasks like content management, client side scripting, server side scripting, server and network security configuration.

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There are many terms that are included in website development, few of them are as per following:

What is Website?

Websites are basically soft files that are connected to the internet through web servers. Which are then available to access anywhere around the globe. But if you want to get connected to any of the websites you will need a browsers which are computer program. Browser loads any website on your computer with the help of internet.

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What is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)?

HTTP is a set of rules(protocol) that defines how the messages are sent over the internet. It helps you to manage your pages and allows you to address different pages with different set of instructions. HTTP is a medium with which your computer speaks with server. It help them to respond each other with the same language.

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What is Coding?

Coding is basically is a language which is made up of different types of commands or codes which a server and devices can understand. The coding involves special commands, abbreviations and punctuation, that is why  it is called language. All the software are written in either one or multiple languages as per the need.

What is a content management system?

A content management system is a series of program or applications which manages content on the website. CMS makes it easier to develop a website with the help of plugins and add-ons. CMS are mostly used for eCommerce and blogging websites. But also can be used for all types of websites if a developer wants.

Why You need Web Development?

The internet is one of the important portal to read, research, learn, interact, connect and entertain. And in the coming decade it going to take everyone by storm. As we could see many of the internet and mobile network companies are trying to get into the smallest of smallest villages and towns. No doubt there is a requirement of connectivity every where. And this is surely going to get rise in number of a internet users in the coming decade. You can showcase your business, you can create your own network, you  may build a business relations by developing your kind of website or web applications. It may help you connect your potential customers in easier ways.

As per Statista, almost 4.57 billion people across the globe have active internet users as of July 2020. It is nearly about 59 percent of the world population.

The web development is rapidly expanding industry. As per experts, it may grow by 13% in by 2028. Which is the fastest than other technical industries.

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