12 Common Website Redesign Mistakes To Avoid In 2021


Website Creates Online Presence of every Business Organization. They are important intake of Company and should be updated and Redesigned every couple of years. There is no doubt Website is compulsory nowadays.

Websites with less page load time, alluring visuals, solid navigation, responsiveness, etc grab the attention of users. Online Marketing, SEO Outputs, Sales, etc require a high-quality Website. There are fewer extents of enjoying benefits in this era without a fantastic website design.

This Blog will discuss what should we avoid while upgrading or redesigning your current website in 2021. Let’s get into this. But before that let’s go through why Website Design plays a vital role in your Online Business.

Importance of your website in Online Business

Branding your Business through an eye-catchy website is a smart technique to attract your target audience. Also, This Contributes to your Web Marketing Activities.

While Designing your website don’t forget to add an attractive Graphic. As per the research, 95% of users noted your website as the purpose they declined or doubted a website. Website designing is the mainstay of your business as it can either make your business or break the business.

Major Mistakes that you should avoid while redesigning your website.

You should clearly know how a good website should Perform. While doing this,  By a single chance if you did mistake then it can cost you huge. You have to face big problems that you have never faced before and solving this will cost you even more downtime and money.

To stop you to do this, I have come up with a list of major mistakes that you should avoid while redesigning a site.

1. Slow Page Load Times

First, and most important point. If your website loads slowly then surely you are losing your visitors. Because everyone is in hurry to see search results. According to Google 54% of Mobile Website, visitors leave a web page if your website takes time more than 3 seconds to load.

Remember, Slow page load time to your website may affect your search engine rankings. This website mistake can also be a tech problem. If you are facing this issue on your website then you should definitely talk to your Developer. And increase your website’s page load time.

2.Prioritizing Good Looks over Functionality

 Definitely, you should redesign your site but it should not overlap. Always make sure that your website is functional beyond everything.

Make your website in a simple and easy way so that, they can easily find what they are looking for.

 3.Not Establishing Targets

One of the most common mistakes that website owners do is that not understanding what they need for their webpage or what they can achieve from the website redesign.

Building a perfect object and a procedure for website redesigning is important to make your website successful. And you can achieve this after completing the website analysis.

 The site evaluation will give you a clear picture of how your site must appear after the redesign. You should understand the basic areas that need more attention than others.

In fact, many leading website design companies give you a rough strategy or validation of what your site seems like, you are always recommended to give the references for what you need.

4.Not Determining the Right Technology to Use

 This is another common mistake website owners do. Once you are done with your target and division of tasks, the next step is to assess what technology to use to increase outputs within the shortest period possible.

It’s important to choose the right technology. Using the most recent technology available in the market offers the group a huge time sum prior to beginning the following upgrade.

For example, if you want a single-page app and speed then the best choice could choose React.js. Also, in case your site uses Python, then Django could be the right option. The technologies you select don’t depend on the year they were launched however depend more on your definitive objectives.

5.Poor Mobile Website Experience

This is a major issue in the world of Website Development. Customer’s first impression on your website gets through Mobile Device. And nowadays your customers are continuously Connected.

Maximize users browse through Mobile Device rather than Desktop. 40% of users left the website after not having a mobile-friendly experience. The user continuously looks for the best option.

57% of clients don’t suggest a business with a poorly designed mobile website. And most important you need exhortation, with good strength of referrals and reviews fueling user’s decision-making. So make your website mobile-responsive to make it easy for creating a long-lasting impression.

Consider a responsive, and mobile-friendly website design that is Google-approved for SEO and gives the ultimate smooth experience.

6.Not Analyzing Your Site

You can choose your objectives and outputs you need to achieve in the event that you don’t investigate your site prior to essential metrics. At the point when you survey your site for information examination and KPIs, you will know all of your issues, things that are working and that are not, and missed scopes.

Additionally, whenever you launched your website, make sure to audit these benchmarks so that you quickly identify and solve every new issue that might appear. This information will also help you see how your redesign has boosted your website. Henceforth, guarantee to request these measurements from your website specialist.

7. Not Fixing an Accurate Budget

Not fixing a precise budget for updating your site is a remarkable mistake. Everything comes up with the cost. Some Business Person connects with you for a website design agency a couple of years back and hopes to get a similar service at a similar cost.

Additionally, the cost of updating a site depends on the different features and functionalities you need to incorporate into the site. Consequently, you should set up a realistic budget for redesigning your website. End of the day your website represents your business on Digital Platforms. They can help you arrive at numerous leads and convert them into deals to achieve higher ROI.

8. Hiring the Wrong Team for Website Redesign

You should collaborate with a good team of Website Designer. After all, your website is the most necessitous marketing asset of your online business.

That’s why you can not choose someone who has no technical and design knowledge. Your partner should know about marketing expertise and appropriate industry knowledge; otherwise, you may face a bad experience.

9.Not Providing Adequate Time to Website Designers

Updating a site need sufficient time and you should have enough patience for completing the website designer’s task.

You don’t need so much time to redesign your website. Simply fix cutoff times so the work should be complete on time. And remember don’t set unrealistic deadlines.

Numerous complications you may face while redesigning. Many customers approach the customized website but don’t give enough time. Site upgrading with predefined formats doesn’t take less time in examination with the custom web designing.

10.Stopping All Efforts after the Website Redesigning

Once you are done with the redesigning and launching don’t forget to test your Website and inform your clients about this, and update the content.

Focus on the territories that were missed in your earlier design so you can optimize profit from the revamped website.

11.Unclear Brand Messaging

Users make a judgment in less than 10 seconds once your webpage loads. If in case they can’t find what they want on your website then they will simply click on the back button and leave the website

Make sure to add your products or services alongside some confidence-creating elements like industry affiliates, awards, and testimonials in a clear view.

12.Not Providing a Proper Contact Information

 Many site owners don’t add their contact number precisely in the header and footer or on a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page. Do not forget to add your contact details and the CTA button on your website. So that Your clients can connect with you easily.

Customers don’t make so much effort to connect they will easily look for another option. In this case, you may lose your leads. So without hesitation don’t forget to add the contact us page link in the navigation.                                                                        


These are the 12 mistakes that can happen by website owners. Staying away from these mistakes will assist you with achieving what you have planned for your site. You need a good web design team and a good technique for changing your site to a productive business.