New Update in Google Search Console


Google declared it has made major updates to the coverage report within Google Search Console. In this update “turning out critical improvements to this report so owners will be well informed on issues that may keep Google from crawling and indexing your pages. The change is focused on giving a more detailed state to existing issues, which will help you to solve them more easily.

What is Exactly Coverage Report – Google Search Console will show Coverage report of your Website. In this report, you can see the indexing status of all URLs of your website. For Example, who has visited your website or who tried to visit.

What is Exact Update – Google added more fine-grained index coverage statuses to the report. You can anticipate that Google should relabel a few categories with the new, more explicit categories. Google has added the following Changes –

1.Update Anomaly – Expulsion of the generic “Crawl Anomaly” issue type – all crawl errors should now be planned to an issue with a better goal.

2.Indexed but Blocked – Pages that were submitted however blocked by robots.txt and got filed are currently revealed as “indexed but blocked” (warning) rather than “submitted but blocked” (error).

3.Indexed without Content – Google has added one more issue. Indexed without Content ( Warning).

4.Soft 404 Reporting – Pages with less Content will be considered as 404 Reporting.

Why we give it a second thought –  With these changes, you would now be able to plunge further into issues around Google crawling and indexing your website.

The excessively conventional “Crawl Anomaly” issue has been supplanted with unmistakable issues, so now you realize why Google is having issues crawling a specific page.