6 Useful Android Apps for Bloggers in 2020

Android Apps For Bloggers in 2020

People want to get knowledge from internet and blogs are fundamental part of internet to spread knowledge. There are different verities of blogs on internet with which all bloggers are winning hearts of readers. Bloggers take lot of efforts to make their blogs useful and consumable. If you are the rising blogger and want to take your blog to the next level, then here is the article for you.

Here we will be discussing about android apps with which you can make your work easier. At the same time these apps will help you make your blog more beautiful and  engage-able.  So stay tuned,

Android Apps for Bloggers

WordPress is one of the most popular platform for blogging. As it allows you to make use for plugins which are specifically designed for SEO and better readability. The WordPress android app allows you to create, edit and publish your blogs. It also allows you to upload images & videos, you can moderate comments and even check your analytics.


Blogging on smartphone is not that easy, at a time it becomes difficult to stay away from all those notification that you get on your smartphones. Incoming notifications are the greatest enemy of any blogger which hamper their productivity. Writing needs focus than any other work, so ‘write android app’ allows you to write in distraction free environment.


This app is specially designed for the writers who are not a native English speaker but want to write their blogs in English. With this android app one can find out the exact meaning of the words, so that one can  make a use of relevant words  in the context. Bloggers can even select a range of synonyms and alternative words, so that they can make their blog more attractive.

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SwiftKey Keyboard

Are you tired of your typo errors?  Yes, we are humans and we all make mistakes? .  SwiftKey Keyboard will help you  auto-correct your typo errors. It also offers word prediction based on your previous typing activities.

Photo Editor

This is also one of the important android apps for bloggers as it allows you to edit your photos, so that you will be able to use it in your blog precisely. You can edit, crop, resize, add effects and text in the image of your choice.

Google Analytics

Do you get stressed out all the time when you are travelling as you are not able to give time to upload new blogs. Then this app will help you. You can make a use of this google analytics android app and can see the blog analytics whenever and wherever you want. With this app you can analyse the website traffic in a statistical way and you don’t need to worry about website traffic next time you travel.

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