Top 9 Reasons Why Your Business Need Social Media Marketing

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Gone are the days when businessmen used to think how to do marketing for my business? In today’s date people are more confidant going online and promoting business. All thanks to Social Media Platforms that are available to connect people easily. Social Media Marketing is a very simple and not that costly as one might think. So, here we will be discussing about social media marketing and why you need it for your business.

1. Social Media Marketing is Measurable

Can you ever measure the number of people, who actually have read your pamphlets that you have distributed recently. Can you analyse the con call that you received a moment before, from where that customer came to know about you. Was it a hoarding that you displayed, was it from the newspaper advertisement that you put or was it from the pamphlet that you distributed a month back, you cannot analyze right? But with social media marketing everything is measurable and could be analysed clearly with its insight features.

2. You Can Target Your Audience

Capturing potential customers is the key to reach your business goal. And with social media it is completely possible to target your potential customers. You can target your audience based on their geographical location, their behavior, age, gender, and interest. You can narrow down your audience as much as you need and can plan your marketing strategies accordingly.

3. To Build Customer Relationship

You can connect your customers virtually with the help of social media platforms. You can build their trust in your brand by continuously answering their problems and needs towards your brand. By doing so you can build a direct relation with the customer and customer get a feeling of gratitude for being valued. Everyone likes if their complains are heard and appreciation praised.

4. Drive a Traffic To Your Website

If you have your website that you want to promote online , then social media is a perfect platform to do so. Millions of people go online on social media and if you put your content in attractive way, you are surely going to get noticed. Subsequently people will go on clicking your website to know more about you. These tactics have been used by many and many have got lot of benefits out of it. Put some attractive visuals, some videos, some info graphics, some offers and more of such things to grab people’s attention and it will surely help you to divert the traffic from your social media to your website.

5. Build a Brand

If you are a small scale industry and want to build your brand online then social media is a prefect tool for you. You can create your brand awareness by various social media activities. For example, if you are an app development company then you can keep on posting all about mobile app technologies. The posts that you will be posting on social media will surely be talking about only technology and not about other stuff. While doing so you can always make sure that your all post contents should always support and speak about your brands.  When you are interacting with the customers  you can make sure that you are interacting as a brand as not as an individual.

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6. To Extract Valuable Customer Insight

With the help of Facebook insight you can review the customer interactions, their behaviors and interest. These kind of insights always support you to enhance customer experience. As you can customize your social media campaigns according to their choices. With these valuable customer insight you can find out what all things are working and what all things are not. Eventually you will be optimizing your marketing efforts towards more conversions and generating more revenue.

7. Generate DataBase

Customer data is utmost important for any business. You can generate your won database by generating leads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and all other social media platforms. Facebook ads have dedicated feature with which you can go for lead generation on Facebook itself. You don’t need any kind of website to generate leads. These leads are always of high values as people have directly interacted on your ad because they are already interested in your product. In such case your sales executive will not need to take lot of efforts to convert it into actual deal. In short social medial help you to funnel out those unnecessary leads and help you minimize your efforts.

8. For Re-targeting

How many of you have not bought anything at just first glance. All of you right? We have that habit to not to buy anything in the first go. We usually go for lot of research before we go for shopping for any particular product. Specially if something is there online and lot of other options already available with us with just few clicks. So, to beat your competitors it is good to re-target your audience again and again. For this reason, Facebook and other social media platforms has given one  feature called Re-marketing with which you can target those audience which have already visited your website or interacted on your page.

9. Decrease Marketing Cost

Beyond all the above excellent features social media advertisement is pocket friendly than the traditional Marketing. Gone are the days when marketing was the costly affair and was in the reach of only richie rich. The advertisement on Facebook and other social media platforms comes at very very low price that the TV, Newspaper or radio ad commercial. Even a smallest of small business owner can think about to go for advertisement on Facebook. You can even start your campaign for Rs.100 a day !

So, what are thinking about? Start your social Media campaign and leverage all these fabulous features and increase your revenue by three folds or even more.

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