Software Development and Laboratories

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We all are aware, how computer has revolutionized the life and all the sectors including healthcare. Here in this article we will be discussing about how software development solutions benefits laboratories. 
Clinical laboratories where patient records were once kept on paper forms and confined to whatever folder they happened to reside in are now recorded electronically for easy access and sharing of information.

Tests that once had to be conducted manually for which the wait was for hours can now be queued and managed by automated workstations. We can view lab reports results instantly via email.

In this digital age clinical laboratories are more upgraded efficiently with emerging technology. 

The rapid pace of technological advancement has also made its management more challenging.

With this advancements, several companies have developed clinical lab software solutions in the form of laboratory information systems -LIS to simplify laboratory process -requisitions, test management, and the reporting of results.

The current market trend is emphasising on connectivity. Companies are adopting electronic systems for enhancing laboratory communications and maintaining patient information.
Also, laboratories are increasingly moving their results reporting to Web-based systems so that results are available on demand to anyone with Internet access.

The incorporation of Web-native applications allows remote, anytime, anywhere access to results, order entry, and more, all via the Internet.
The development of a more advanced LIS is helping to make the laboratorian’s job more efficient.

Emerging testing areas like genetic testing and the availability of more complex instrumentation poses a challenge to already overstretched lab techs to learn the proper use of such advanced equipment

Here are few reasons why softwares are useful for clinical laboratories

Quick Response

Automated testing is playing a vital role in validation in other phases.
It can easily rectify the potential errors.

Best Results

The instant work of testing, save a lot of time for plenty of systems.
It can carry out the testing quickly and deliver faster results every time.

Lower Expenses

The initial investment is usually higher but system can save a lot of money . As automated testing takes a less amount of time subsequently it saves more on project costs.

Improving Testing Efficiency

Testing takes a huge part of the overall app development cycle. It shows even the small changes in efficiency can make big difference to the overall project time frame.
Even though it initially takes longer time, LIMS does save time.

Coverage of Lab Test

While working on the tests, a lot of tests can be executed based on the application.

Re-Usability in Tests

Because of the repetitive nature of lab tests and ease of setup and configuration of LIMS software, developers can easily assess the program reaction.
The automated test cases are utilized with varied plans and can be reused again.

Early Detection of Errors

The detection of defects in the system has become very easier.
It helps improve the overall speed of development and easy to detect and fix the error.

Faster Turnaround Time

Lab report software improves reversal time by ensuring proper work of test cases.
The execution of the test library is faster and runs longer than the manual process.

Information Security

The quality of testing relies heavily on the quality of test data. Creating quality test data manually is time taking and it can turn on live database copies.
Hence, the solutions are to help, create, and protect the test database and you can reuse the data again and again. Also, the cost and time saving is huge in this area.

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