Human Augmentation Technology

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Movies like Iron Man, Robocop or Limitless always make me wonder, how our life would be? If we had this technology now? Imagine the Robocop catching the burglars in the corner or the Iron Man suit calculating the possibility of the plane crash to avoid, before it even happens..woah dream come true for many of us.

What is This Technology Called?

Well, it is called as Human Augmentation. It is a field of research that works to enhance the human abilities through medicine or technology to improve human productivity or capability.
This field focus on the human body to enhance the things we can do.
Augmentation is therefore, an interactive digital extension of human capabilities.
For example, the use of technologies to enhance the capabilities of people with special needs or to lengthen the active life of aging citizens.

What is a use of Human Augmentation?

This technology focuses on methods and technologies that can be applied to improve our sensing, action, or cognitive abilities of humans. This improvement is attained through the use of sensing and actuation technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and fusion & fission of information.

We all are aware or have seen this technology on televisions or read about it, such as orthotics or limb devices that improve muscle capability. There are also devices and implants that help in the development of more enhanced sensory devices.
Human augmentation is also used with certain IT resources such as big data assets. These assets are data-connecting devices that connect the human body to external sources of information.
This information can be visual, text-based, or both.

Where it is Used?

Remember the spy movies? Movies like James Bond, Minority Report and Mission Impossible have showed how technology can be utilized and how human mental and physical capabilities can be enhanced.
Tools like eyeglasses, microscopes, binoculars, or highly sensitive microphones have shown high-level success by providing augmented abilities.
Unlike medicine and installation of devices, which are invasive processes, augmented reality have enabled non-invasive ways to augment humans.

Human Augmentation has shown potential benefits in improving human health and quality life.

Many researchers are studying and working on the projects that can strive to implement human augmentation to yield many possibilities.

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