Why To Publish Your App On Amazon App Store?

Publish app on Amazon App Store

Amazon was launched in year 2011. But in short span it has grown exponentially by providing quality services to the millions of customers. Amazon app store has a highest number of apps after, google play store,  apple app store and web-store. This app store feature nearly about 450,000 apps as of the second quarter of 2020. Amazon app-store is very competitive and has its own distinct advantages. Cause of which you may think of publishing your app on Amazon play store together with other app stores. Here we go,

Amazon’s Growth

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is very much committed towards Amazon’s growth. As he reinvest most of the revenue generated from Amazon in the company itself. So, you can take a benefit of Amazon to feature your app and be a part of their success and eventually it will help you grow your app and business.

Amazon’s Fire Phone, Fire TV and Fire tablets are few of the devices where you will be featured directly, if you publish app on Amzon App store.

Publishing Made Easy

If you have already developed a mobile app for android devices then you can publish it on Amazon too with the few steps.  With the free Compatibility Testing in just few minutes you can see whether you can publish your android or iOS app on Amazon app store. You can identify the issues there and there itself. If everything is okay, you can submit and publish your app directly over there.

Enhance Your App Reach

As mobile app industry is growing exponentially, so do the competition. If you want to get along with the competition then you have to find out new opportunities to reach your potential customer. Amazon is a great place to reach people as Amazon app store is available worldwide in 236 countries.

Beyond that, Amazon offers great features which make your app to get discovered easily to your end users. Like the feature called, “Customers who bought this things also bought XYZ” and Customers who viewed this thing also viewed for XYZ and so on. With these features you can easily get listed in Amazon’s search engine. And eventually  get found by your potential customers.

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Monetization Services At Amazon

Amazon understands customers. And always want their customers to be benefited for being there on Amazon.  So, Amazon offers a great variety of Fire OS, Android and iOS API’s to monetize apps. Amazon encourage app developers to develop quality apps. By helping them earning money on every increase in app user and app engagement.

Cross Platform Access

Amazon offers great API’s, plugins and extensions for cross platforms. Like Unity, Adobe, Apache Cordova, and Xamarin. Amazon also offers services for SDK’s and APIs to enhance iOS app development. For example, Amazon Drive SDK enables iOS app users to access their Amazon drive. So that they can have a access to photos, videos and documents that are saved on Amazon drive.

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