Native Vs. Web Vs. Hybrid Apps – Which One to Choose?

Hybrid Apps Vs. Native Apps Vs. Web Apps

Are you a start up? And looking for developing mobile app for your business? But still not able to figure out that which one should I opt for, native, web or hybrid apps?

Well, in this article we are going to get deeper into these mobile app development platforms. It will definitely going to help you to pick one from native, web and hybrid mobile apps. 

Here we go,

First of all, you can ask these questions to yourself, it will help you to choose one of the alternative.
  1. Do my app needs speed on priority?
  2. What is my ultimate goal behind developing mobile app?
  3. How much money I can invest in app development?
  4.  What are all the features I need for my app?

Jot down all the answers for these questions and now keep on reading.

What are the key features of these native app, web app and hybrid app. Why do they differ from each other? What are their advantages and disadvantageous?

Native Apps

Native apps are the apps those are specifically designed for specific kind of platform. Like android and iOS. If you have to design apps on both the platforms then you will need to put separate budget for each of them. But the advantages of these native apps are, they are fastest and have highest rate of user engagement since they are very user friendly. Native apps can interact with mobile device’s hardware and can be integrated for mobile’s contact list, microphone, camera etc.

Web Apps

Web apps or web based apps are basically websites which looks and feel like mobile apps. These web apps can be operated and browsed only on web browsers and can not be accessed on mobile app stores.

If you are budget constraint and do not require apps with great functionality and speed then you may opt for these apps. Web app development is not that costly as much as Hybrid apps and Native apps.

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These apps are budget friendly but have other disadvantages. Like they are not that user friendly. Not much reachable as they are not available on play store and app store. They can not be downloaded on the mobile devices like other apps so they can not develop a personal touch with the end user. With web apps you can not take a advantage of push notifications. These push notification entice user to remain engaged and take specific action like visiting your app,  browsing through special offers, etc.  while they are not active on your app.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps can be accessed on app stores as well as on web browsers. These apps are easy to develop than the native apps. They need less maintenance than native apps. A single hybrid app can be accessed on different platforms, so whatever updates you put on your app you have put in once. But in case of native apps you will need to update it on all the platforms. Which is time consuming and  will definitely need more money to do that. Hybrid apps offer more customization options for users than other apps.

Hybrid mobile apps has its own disadvantages. Like it is not as fast as native apps. Sometimes it may take time for these apps to get accessible on app stores. In some cases you may face rejection and will need to make it more compatible and make sure it obeys all the rules and regulations of app store.


So, what do you feel?  Which one you would like to go for native, web or hybrid app?

From all the above points we could say developing native mobile apps is the best as it offers highest rate of user engagement. But at the same time it needs lots of efforts, money and time.

In conclusion it is up-to you. If you are budget constrain then you may go with hybrid or web app.  If you can afford to develop apps for Android, iOS and windows separately and not required to develop it in specific time frame  then you may go with native apps. After all it is important to work in the way that mobile app development can bring your ideas to life in the efficient manner.

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