How Much Does It Cost to Develop Mobile App In India-2020

Cost To Develop Mobile App in Mumbai

Develop a Mobile app for your business is a need of hour. As every businessmen wants to take their business online. But while choosing mobile app development company, cost is the important factor. Do you Know, how much does it cost to develop mobile app in India? Here we are covering all the things that are necessary to understand the cost of any mobile app. But, one thing is clear, that there is no standard price for any type of mobile app. However those mobile apps can be categorized as per their features and specific cost can be estimated for specific kind of mobile app. However other than only features, there are various other factors which are responsible for estimating cost to develop mobile app .  Those factors will also get covered in this article. So keep on reading.

The Number of Mobile App Features

The more complex the coding is for developing specific kind of features more will be the cost of your app. So, we can simply divide apps according to their complexity and number of features.

A. Apps with Regular Features

The apps which are simple and do not need much of the database integrations and other complex features, are considered as a mobile apps with simple features. Such mobile apps do not need to invest a lot of time. So, the prize is less, compared to other complex mobile apps.

B. Moderate Mobile Apps with Limited Advanced Features

If you want to develop a mobile app with limited advance features then you may go with this category of mobile app development. You can go with database integration, payment gateway integration, customized interface etc. For example Kindle Book reading app has number of eBooks. And one can buy those books with payment gateway on that mobile app itself. The cost to develop mobile app with such kind of features is little more.

C. Complex Mobile App

If you want to develop an app with even more features like third party app integration, more secured payment gateways, AR/VR integration, real time chat support, multi-language support then you may need to pay more. Because these features are more complex and need more of work hours for developer to develop it.

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The Type of Platform You Choose

Beside app features there are various other factors on which mobile application development cost rely on. And one of that is the kind of platform you are choosing for your app development.

There are two platforms that you can chose to develop app and those are iOS and Android Mobile apps. These are two completely different platform so the cost of development varies with the change in platform.

Android Mobile App Development

Android app development is little bit of complex than that of iOS because it uses Java as a programming language. More complexity means more number of work hours. Plus its testing procedure is also bit complicated than that of iOS. So, android is more costlier than that of iOS. But since number of android app users are more than iOS app user , it has its own advantages.

iOS Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile App development is not as costly as android mobile app development, reason being the software that is used for development of these mobile apps. All iOS mobile apps are designed with SWIFT and Objective C. Which are less complex and most of the time are standardized by apple itself. Subsequently, iOS Mobile app development needs fewer work hours than android.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app development charges also depends upon Mobile App design Complexity. Like you need basic designs or want something which is more attractive and have some animations and all that stuff. More better design animations you opt for more will be the price you need to pay.

The Region of App Development

The app development cost varies from country to country. As mobile app development cost depends upon the number of developer work hour. It is costly in the region where man hour charges are at higher side.

North America: North America Have the Highest among all the other countries. Their developer charges varies from $20 to $250 per hour.

Australia: Australian mobile app developer charges varies somewhere in between $20-$150 per hour.

Eastern Europe : Eastern European Mobile App Charges varies from $20-$120 per hour.

India  :$10 to $80 Per Hour

The minimum and maximum developer charges depends upon many factors. Like the kind of  company for which you are looking for. If you want to go with MNC’s then the charges will be at higher side. At the same time if you will go to medium sized firms like us then your app development charges will be at lower side.

Considering all the above points, now it is your call that how much money you want to invest in your mobile app. Whatever the charges are, you must keep one thing in mind that, the amount of revenue you will be generating through your app is going to nullify all the charges that you have paid to your mobile app development company. So, choose the features wisely and make most out of your mobile app. Making mobile app is a one time investment, but you may get life time opportunity to convert it into one of your trusted platform to generate enormous amount of revenue.

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