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In this era of smartphones, a number of mobile applications are introduced in the market. For android users in Google store for iPhone users Apple store, applications for official, educational or comfort use; the user has options stored according to their requirement.

With this, the competition has increased and the app development companies are focusing on user requirements and trends.
The mobile apps are categorized into Native, Web and Hybrid apps.

Native App

This app is built for a specific type of operating system. Native app function only for a particular platform or device. An app built for a particular operating system cannot be used for another i.e Android apps can’t function on the iPhone.They require specific development tools, language for that platform support (e.g.SWIFT, Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, and Java with Android). This enables access to all the features like contacts, camera, sensors. The native app ensures great user experience, high performance. Native applications are available on Android apps on Google Play Stores, iOS apps on App Store.


Very Fast
Easily available in the Google app and Apple store
Interactive and intuitive
It can interact with any feature of the phone.


Built for a single platform
Expensive to develop

Examples of Native Apps are Contact list, Calculator, Google map, etc.

Mobile Web App

This app delivers web pages on a web browser running on the mobile phone. They are web-based mobile apps, you don’t have to install the app in your device instead they run on a web-hosted server. To develop Mobile web app developers typically use HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery web technologies. This app cannot access the feature of native device functionality like camera, calendar, GPS, etc.


Less Business cost
No installation needed
One can access anywhere
Always updated


Security risk
Takes a longer time to develop.

Examples of Mobile web apps are Flipkart, BookMyShow, OLX, etc.

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Hybrid App

This app is a combination of the native and mobile web app. They are available in-app store. Like web apps, they rely on HTML to be rendered in a browser and use HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Mobile Javascript frameworks. These are good for building apps that do not have a high-performance requirement but need full device access.


Easy to use
Cheaper than a native app
Single app for all platform
Faster to develop.


Less interactive than the native app
Expensive than the web app

Examples of Hybrid apps are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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