Top 5 Programming languages for Software Development (2020)

Programming Languages For Software Development

Developing software needs very different things but programming language to develop a software is the most crucial thing. There are hundreds of languages to develop a software, so picking any language could be tough task if you are starting with your carrier as a software developer.  Here we have picked up 5 widely used programming language for you which are used all around the world.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular language among developers consequently from past 7 years.

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is essential for front end development. All the technical giants like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and many like these uses JavaScript to create interactive user friendly pages.

Even though JavaScript is mainly used for front end development it can also be used on server side with Node.js.

It is compatible with Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X and Windows.It is one of the friendliest programming language for beginners because  it follows flexible syntax and works across all the major browsers.


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2. Python

Python is the most user friendly programming language next to Java. Its’s syntax is clear and easy to understand.

Open-source Django framework, written in Python is popular choice for back end development. Popular sites like Instagram, Spotify and Mozilla uses Django for development.

NumPy and SciPy are open-source Python libraries that are used for complex scientific, mathematical and technical computing.  Python is also used for data science, Pyhton libraries like  TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV are used in  machine learning,  data science, and image processing.

3. C#

C# is pronounced as C sharp, it is a general purpose object oriented  language built on the strong foundation of C. It is easy to pick up C language for any programmer because it uses syntax that are similar to C derived language C++.

This language is popular for Microsoft web development as well as for mobile app development to develop cross platform apps. C# is a most popular language to develop 2D and 3D video games. Almost one third of the top games in the market are developed in C#. It is also useful for VR development.

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4. PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor popularly known as PHP is a popular general purpose scripting language to develop websites. It is a powerful too to develop dynamic and interactive web pages. The popular ranking site TIOBE  has marked PHP as a 8th most popular programming language in Jan 2020. But it has also been observed that slowly it’s losing its demand as JavaScript and other languages are getting popular day by day.

5. Swift

If you want to be a developer for apple products then you may start with Swift. Swift came into existence in the year 2014 ans soon became very popular to develop mobile apps for Apple iOS devices. This language is highly optimized for smooth performance and satisfy all  iOS development requirements.  Apple being the leader in the tech industry , this language is going to get in to demand in future.

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