Top 5 Awesome Ideas To Build Real Estate Apps

Real Estate App Ideas

Real estate in India comparatively have less digital Presence than other countries in the world. But it is definitely changing and we can say it is going get digital in the coming decade. As you could see many of the property websites like 99 acres, Magicbricks, Makaan, Housing and many more are making remarks in the world of property business. Everyone want to see everything online. So, why not Property? Yes, it is true that it is not possible that some one can buy property there and there itself. But you can make your  impact on your customers mind by going online. Which may eventually lead them to buy property from your company. Going online means either to develop app or to develop a website for your business. These days apps are most trending as it has a higher rate of user engagement. So, Real estate apps could be twister in the coming era of digitization.

Ideas to build Real Estate Apps

Here we are going to discuss some awesome ideas to build Real Estate Apps.

1. Locality Review App

If you consider any Real Estate Project then its location is the first factor which decides its price. Everyone wants to buy property at the prime location and wants schools, hospitals, parks railway stations, bus stops and markets nearby. By developing this real estate app you can allow user to rate the locality which eventually help them and other app user to see the locality ratings. Depending upon the ratings and reviews one can decide whether to buy property in that specific area. By sitting at home they will come to know about the location benefits and drawbacks. They will not need to go and visit the location to shortlist the property.

2. Real Estate AR/VR App

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) apps are in trends. You can take advantage of these technologies to display your properties. People can have a virtual visit through your real estate app and get to know each and everything about your property, which they wanted to know after visiting your property physically.  This will save their time and money to visit your property and enhance their . It has been observed that companies which have adopted these technologies closes their deals at faster rate than the conventional method.

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3. Calculator App

Maximum properties are sold with mortgages. And mortgages make the procedure slow most of the time. Because it needs lots of documentations and calculations. You can make one step easy by adopting calculator apps for your clients. With this app you can calculate the amount of money that your customer need as a down payment and how much loan he can avail. There are many parameters needed for this calculations which are inbuilt in this app, which makes things easier. Moreover, you will not lose your clients because of delayed procedures.

4. Property Investment Overview App

You can develop a real estate app where in you can provide your customer all the required data with which he/she can make a decision about investment. The app can feature a chat box where a customer can drop all their queries related to any of their difficulties that they face during property investment. There should be some experts who can assist them about anything that come from the customer.By doing so, you will be get connected with your customer directly and your customer will have a seamless experience which is of great importance.

The property market is ever changing. When, why and where there will be change in demand no body knows. So, in the app itself you can put a section where in you can display the current scenario of the real estate property market. This will help them make a decision about when to buy or when to liquidate their property so as to get the highest return on investment.

In short you can put all the parameters on your app which can help your customer to do comprehensive analysis of the property’s appropriate info. So, that the  investor can take decision accordingly.

5. Property Listing App

The property listing app is an amazing and most demanding app in the real estate apps section for property business. Because no one takes a decision by seeing only one property. So, you can take a initiative and build an app where in all sellers and owners can list their properties to sell or rent. Renters and Buyers can find out the properties that they want and will contact you for the fare deal. Once the deal is done you can charge property owner your amount of  commission.

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