7 On-Page SEO Techniques that would help you to Rank Better in 2021.


You must have a little bit of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization in SEO. On-Page SEO is a key point to rank your domain higher on the Search engines. This post will help you to know what is on-page SEO and the 7 techniques about on-page SEO.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a practice to optimize your web pages in order to rank your website higher on the search engines. This will help you to get more quality web traffic and also will help you to get more conversions. and people will know about your product, enticing them into buying your products/services, etc. Most people might know about SEO-friendly URL, Content, Title, Meta Tags, and content Updation.  But let us know you some more points of SEO, Which would help you to rank better in 2021.

Importance of On-Page SEO

In Today’s era, everyone uses the internet to satisfy their personal needs which include some topic information, shopping, etc. and if your website does not stand according to their expectations, you will lose ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page ) very Quickly. This means getting searched by people and not giving proper results can lose ranking and will increase your bounce rate. Good Content is the main factor to rank your website. If you want to build a good reputation on an online platform you can’t afford to ignore on-page SEO.

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Top on-page Factors that affect Webpage Ranking

1.Site Speed

We live in an age where we want everything fast and the same applies to websites. Even a second’s delay in loading a webpage can reduce your conversions by 7%. You can check your website’s performance in speed using this Google page speed insight tool. If you come up lacking, you can do a variety of things to speed up your site, including employing speedy hosting, a robust CDN (content delivery network) and image compression software, minifying JavaScript, HTML, and CSS resources, etc.


Your Webpage will be of no use to you or users if it can not be found, crawled, and indexed by search engines. If this happens then you have to check errors, you must go through your robots.txt file to check if any important pages have been mistakenly blocked by Google bot. Google Webmaster will help you to keep eye on your site and avoid such problems. Additionally, bring into effective action and will help web page crawler to understand your content better and might even earn a rich search result. If anyhow you are receiving many backlinks to a 404 page, make sure that you do a 301 redirect to a related, relevant page in order to hold visitors’ attention and not lose any goodwill

3.Mobile Responsive

This is the most important factor of Onpage SEO because most people surf the internet through cellphones or Tablets. Hence, it’s very important to have your website Mobile Friendly as well as a Desktop. Especially after Google’s 2018 Mobile-first indexing stance. While you must ensure that both versions of your site have exactly the same content. With this, you have to pay attention to other details like not having intrusive pop-ups, small fonts that are hard to read on the mobile versions, and like this. For these issues, you can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool to find such problems and how mobile-responsive your site design is.

4.Content Tags

The Title tag of your webpage plays a Crucial rule to be in  Google search results. Make sure that you place your primary search keyword as close to the start of the title tag as you possibly can without making it seem unnatural. The Meta Description plays an equal role and must contain a decent framing of keywords that matter. Don’t forget to keep your title tags and meta descriptions clear, relevant, and well written. Title tags should not be longer than 60 characters long and descriptions more than 160 characters. If they are longer, then that will cut off by Google and the user will not be able to see them as a whole. Besides that make sure your post’s headings and subheadings carry the H1 & H2 HTML tags respectively so that search engines understand what your web page is all about.

Numerous CMS (content administration frameworks) like WordPress have this component worked into their code yet once in a while, heavy themes can keep it from happening. Hence, double-check your site code to ensure that your post/page has only one H1 tag and try to include your primary keyword in it.


There are plenty of information seekers or readers on the internet, who prefer in-depth, long-tail content that presents lots of relevant information on a topic of choice, infographics lovers, etc. Whatever your business/brand niche, it is important to include a variety of multimedia in your content, including high-resolution videos and images. This will help you to engage your visitors. But Remember you put relevant multimedia to suit your Google SERP and web traffic needs, including using web fonts instead of embedding text within images, putting important keywords into the video description/transcripts and image alt text, etc.

6.Use of Schema When Necessary

Schema Markup plays a very important role to help search engines understand what your website exactly offers. For Example, a search engine result page (SERP) with images, reviews, or ratings is much more attractive than a normal search result. Basically having images or videos increase the clickability of the website. However, you should not use schema for every Web page. Only use it for the Web pages which you want to use to generate more traffic for or the ones which have enough relevant information to be presented in the search results themselves.

7.Use of Internal Linking

One of the critical components of on-page SEO, internal linking is the key determiner of how accessible your Web pages are. Well-executed internal linking permits web indexes to know about your other Web pages and makes it simple for clients to get to those pages for more information. This way, users can spend more time on your website, which increases the possibility of their conversion.

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So these was some important Factors that you need to know to rank your website in 2021. Comment below your views on this.