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Travel Agent Software

The travel industry is an industry that is only going to continue to grow across the globe.

This is good news for entrepreneurs who want to start a travel agency or any other sort of travel related business. Regardless of whether you want to be an independent travel consultant or start your own big travel agency, it’s simply easier than ever to sell your products and services worldwide.

In other words, reliable, quality travel agency software is something that is fully necessary for running your travel agency business. To find the best software for travel agency business, you need to know exactly what to look for, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Travel Agency Software Features

1) Flexibility and Scalability :

Every travel agency and every other kind of business for that matter is individually unique in terms of its size, demands, and business operations.

Your software needs to help you meet those operations and demands and to do this, it needs to be flexible and scalable software.

2) Customized Tour Packaging :

Today, travel customers choose their accommodations, their activities, their destinations, and so on.

What your software needs to do is customize tour packages to meet the requirements and demands of your customers, by enabling the customer to create a truly customized tour package.

Otherwise, your customer(s) may not be satisfied that they can’t make their own travel packages for the vacation of their dreams, and they are going to move on.

3) Reservation Management :

One of the most important features that your travel agency software will need to have is reservation management.

You can probably relate to this, knowing how hard it can sometimes be to make a reservation.

What your software needs to be able to do is to track reservations from beginning to end, along with payment, itineraries, vouchers, invoices, and quotations that are associated with those reservations.

4) Quotation Management System :

A good online quotation management system is another critical element to have in your software.

Generally speaking, a travel agent will need around one day to create a quote for a destination package. But if there are multiple destinations and different factors associated with those destinations, then the process can take much longer than that.

To better engage your customers and lower your working time, you need an online quotation management system that would allow you to create a quote within a reduced amount of time (ideally one hour or less than that even).

This will allow you to create far more quotes in a day, which obviously improves your agency’s efficiency and productivity.

5) Payment Flexibility :

Last but not least, it will be of great benefit and convenience to your customers if your travel agency can offer them payment flexibility.

What this means is that you need to offer a number of different payment options and your software needs to be able to accommodate those options, whether it be by card, net banking, cheque, or cash.