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Real Estate Software

Real Builder is a complete ERP Solution designed to meet the ever growing demands of real estate & construction industry. It is a highly useful real estate management & construction project tracking software for real estate developers, builders, contractors, and infrastructure developers. Real Builder provides Project Managers and Accountants with advanced management and tracking tools with integrated visibility thereby enabling users to manage their Real Estate and Construction Projects with ease.

Key Features

 Maintain improved client records.

 Generate Customer Card to Follow-Up.

 Schedule tasks to your Pre-sales and Collection Team according to the Customer Profile stored.

 Track Events and their Follow-up.

 Monitor Sales Force Activities.

 Get Day-to-day Reports on task status(complete/incomplete/pending).

 Our powerful yet easily-accessible Real Builder’s CRM software enables brokers to give an instantaneous insight to their clients, building a healthy and long-term relationship between them.

 Other than SMS and e-mails, our Real Estate Software Real Builder can even generate follow-up letters to reach out to business relationships.

CRM features and functions in real estate

CRM applications enable consistent and complete communication both externally and internally with tenants, investors, suppliers and partners. Any efficient data like information about property, clients, transactions and communication processes can be found in the system. This particular program helps to integrate a few steps into one, so that to save time and keep the process quick, clean and simple.