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These days the term digitization or digital transformation is commonly used specifically by youngsters, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. But, what does the digitization of business mean? Converting everything to bytes, codes? Replacing human beings with robots & AI? Does this mean our universe will transform into the movies like I, Robot, The Machine?

Digitization of Business

So, what is Digitization?

Digitization has two meaning which is closely related. For instance, digitization is creating digital (bits and bytes) versions of physical things like film images, paper documents, sound and many more. In short converting hard copies of documents, images, videos and sound files to soft copy which can be used in a computer system for further use.

The other meaning is the context of the process. For example, the scanner saves a picture or we can click a picture by a phone which is saved in the device. This data can be easily transferred and extracted.

From a business perspective as we speak digitization is the chain of events. So when anyone says “We have Digitized” it means that they have moved from paper to devices.

Now, Digitalization; it is a path towards digital business and digital transformation, it creates new streams for revenue generation. For example, digital healthcare, digital education system, digital financial transaction systems are all the areas of digitalization.

Digitalization leads to digital business and digital transformation requires digital business and digitization.

Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation have created the demand for quality software developers, programmers that will meet user’s requirements and understand their needs.

Mobile shopping, health checkups, e-wallet, money transfer have made an impact on the livelihood in rural and urban areas.

To transform your business all you need is a software company that understands your requirements which in turn can boost your business and help you achieve your goal.

Technology help you grow your business exponentially, by creating & maintaining the technology tools you need to win your market and does all your tedious work hassle-free.

Since 2011, Aimbeat has helped hundreds of clients to lead in their respective industry. We have made education more accessible, financial transactions are easier & safer, efficient healthcare and many more. We have created powerful mobile apps and highly customized technology solutions for businesses from various industries and domains. We are know to develop exceptionally versatile mobile applications. Applications that are ROI- driven, innovative, fast, secure for android and iOS platforms.


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