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Hotel Management Software

What does a hotel business need to survive in a competitive market? At least two things: Have an online presence that makes the reservation process easier and deliver outstanding customer service so that visitors returning to your area will choose your location again. Automating daily operations and administrative tasks is an important part of achieving customer satisfaction as it helps provide reliable and quality service time after time. A hotel is a complex system that encompasses the activities of many departments, and every operation must be tracked. For this purpose, hoteliers utilize various tools including spreadsheets, paper forms, and unified property management systems.

Satisfaction of the customers is the prime concern of any hotel business.To meet the demand of an increasing number of customers the hotels require to develop their management system so that they can serve the customers in the best possible way.

Some important features of the hotel management software :

1) Booking and Reservation :

Reservation center is the place where a hotel manager can check current bookings and availability, take new reservations and manage them. It also provides an easy reservation and booking system and helps them to generate reports in regards to the income and expenses of the operation any time of the day and from anywhere. The automated system updates the status of the property, rates and discounts on the room reservation in real time, giving comfort to the customers from any kind of confusion.

2) Front Office Operations :

Front office operations includes check-in, guest profile information, room allocation, checkout, Night Audits, Housekeeping, expense management etc.

3) Guest Profile Management :

Managing guest profile is essential because proper management of guest profiles and recording their preferences can boost revenues through repeat bookings.

4) Report Generation :

The key benefit of the property management software is that the hotel managers can easily track down the inventories, record of the items and transaction taking place in the hotel. This makes it a lot easier for the hotel managers to come to the income and expenses of the hotel. More importantly it can generate reports within a click of the mouse. The property management software is accessible from multiple computers which enables the hotel staff to access the report from any computer of the system.

5) User Privilege & Security Control :

Hotel management software supports multiple users with limited or full access. An admin can create and assign work to specific users and restrict the data they can access, delete or update. This ensures data security.

6) Charges, Deposits and Invoicing :

A hotel management software should be able to manage charges, taxation and deposits efficiently to create proper invoicing.

7) Mobile Support :

Many cloud-based hotel software provide ability to access hotel management software on the go. With the help of hotel management system, you can manage offline and online hotel sales. You can manage right from reservations to check-outs, with channel manager, booking engine. As well as you can track guest at every stage of stay, starting from booking to check-out. Hotel software offers front office and property management capabilities, guest relationship management, fast learning and a user-friendly platform.

It can be used in Budget Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Megamalls, Clubs, Restaurant & point of sales etc.

8) Feedback :

Well, the hotel can ask the customers via SMS & Email to give the review about their hotel experience. By integrated feedback engine, like Tripadvisor to the app, the process becomes easily manageable.